Desktop Guide to
Good Juvenile Probation Practice
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About this guide

Juvenile probation practice has gone through many changes in response to “pendulum swings” influenced by policy change and societal perceptions of youth delinquency.

This resource, should serve to summarize information about transformed juvenile probation practice. It is the third iteration of the Desktop Guide to Good Juvenile Probation Practice, which was first developed in 1991 and updated in 2002. The content was developed with the guidance of a group of juvenile justice professionals from across the country to update the mission, values, and goals of juvenile probation to reflect what we know is required to transform juvenile probation and continue the journey begun in 1991 to professionalize the field in a mission-driven, performance-based, and outcome-focused manner.

A project from

  • NCJJ

Funded by

  • The Annie E. Casey Foundation


The current revision of the Desktop Guide to Good Juvenile Probation Practice would not have been possible without the thoughtful guidance of the following contributors and reviewers:

The National Center for Juvenile Justice

Melissa Sickmund                                                            Moriah Taylor                                                             Zoe Livengood

Core Work Group

Aazia Marie Ross                                                               Youth Justice Advocate

Alyssa Beck                                                             Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center

Ana Bermudez                                                           New York City Juvenile Probation

Robert Schwartz                                                Temple University Beasley School of Law

Doug Thomas                                                       Oregon Youth Authority

Gina Peralta                                                     Haywood Burns Institute

Jessica Ellis                                                     Centinela Youth Services

John Cookus                                                       Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Judge Deinse Cubbon                                     Juvenile Judge in Lucas County Ohio

Kelly Waltman-Spreha                                       Crime and Justice Institute (CJI)

Kevin Bethel                                                                Special Advisor on School Safety

Kevin Williams                                                     Pierce County Juvenile Probation

Kim Booth                                                       Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Juvenile Probation

Kristina Kersey                                                        New Jersey Office of the Public Defender

Opal West                                                                Annie E. Casey Foundation

Raymond Waymon                                              Youth Services, Williamson County, TN

Stephen Bishop                                                     Annie E. Casey Foundation

Teri Deal                                                             National Center for State Courts


Additional Reviewers

Adrea Korthase                                                         The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Aisha Canfield                                                         Ceres Policy Research

Angela Irvine                                                            Ceres Policy Research

Anne Rackow                                                         Independent Consultant

Brian Lovins                                                         Justice System Partners

David Sattler                                                         Washington Administrative Office of the Courts

Gene Seigel                                                                 The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Gina Vincent                                                         National Youth Screening & Assessment Partners (NYSAP)

Jamie Hurst                                                         Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Juvenile Probation

Jessica Pierce                                                             The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Jeannette Bocanegra                               Community Connections for Youth

John Tuell                                                                     RFK National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice

Judge Robert Hofmann                                Edwards County, Texas 452 Judicial District Court

Lisa Rusko                                                         Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Juvenile Probation

Martha-Elin Blomquist                                           The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Matt Piroth                                                         Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Juvenile Probation

Naomi Goldstein                                                         Juvenile Justice Research and Reform Lab

Rexanah Wyse                                                             U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

Teri Trull                                                              Edwards County, Texas Juvenile Probation

Wendy Schiller                                                            The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

The revised Desktop Guide builds upon the foundation originally laid down by the Juvenile Probation Officer Initiative Working Group, which produced the first Desktop Guide to Good Juvenile Probation Practice in 1991.

  • Theresa McCarthy Accocks
  • Carolyn Andersen
  • William Anderson
  • Troy Armstrong
  • Salvatore D’Amico
  • Rolando del Carmen
  • Walter Dickey
  • Forest Eastman
  • Carol Engel
  • Richard Gable
  • Argie Gomez
  • Samuel Grott
  • Anthony Guarna
  • David Heden
  • Jean Heinzen
  • Norman Helber
  • John Herb
  • Jerry Hill
  • Theresa Homisak
  • Hunter Hurst
  • Jo Ann
  • Jones Eric Joy
  • Andrew Klein
  • Peter L’Etoile
  • Bernard Licarione
  • Nancy Lick
  • Dennis Maloney
  • Ellen Nimick
  • Betty Osbourne
  • B. Keith Parkhouse
  • Mary Ann Peters
  • Dan Pompa
  • William Samford, II
  • Sue Shirely
  • Terry Showalter
  • Melissa Sickmund
  • M. Gale Smith
  • Annie Sutherland
  • Douglas Thomas
  • M. James Toner
  • Patricia Torbet
  • Sandra Wilson
  • James Wolslayer